What Happens to Your Donations

We cannot continue our work without your donations and we really appreciate the opportunity your money gives us.

We are currently using the money you donate to support the most vulnerable families and groups living around Thessaloniki. We are working on two projects, one is a supported housing project and the other is with a solidarity network of local Greek women and men who focus on getting the vulnerable out of the camps and into hosted situations or into their own supported homes.

Both projects compliment each other and when we cannot help a family with the apartment building we can often help them through the solidarity network. We use the money donated to pay the rent, utilities and basic food for the families.

This work is motivated by the desperate need presented time and time again in the Government run camps, we try to pick up those who slip through the cracks, those who are too afraid to report problems and those who are failed by all other avenues of help.

Every penny makes a difference here and we work extremely hard to make the money go as far and support as much as we can.

Please read and subscribe to our blog for more information on our journey and our continued work here.

Thank you so much

Theo & Sam x


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