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The Military/Government Camps…..

I recently had an email from someone who wondered why we were still working in Greece as the refugees had now all been moved to the better military camps. This woke me up to the realisation that our media and the media elsewhere have “solved” the “migrant” crisis in Europe with the better camps, everyone was moved to better camps…. end of crisis….

I think this report highlights the need for further work in Greece and the extremely urgent need for a solution or alternative which provides dignity, safety and peace for the 47,000 people currently stranded in mainland Greece.

The asylum process is moving so slowly that most of these people are looking at an extended stay in these camps of years. I am sure you agree that this is not an acceptable solution and must not become the accepted norm for the treatment of those fleeing persecution, war and terror.

This report is a long read but highlights what is being faced in Greece, it also for me highlights that this situation is unsustainable and no matter how much work is done these camps will never provide adequate long term housing solutions. ┬áSomething more is needed…

Report on Mainland Camps in Greece by Are You Syrious

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