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Filoxenia International

Filoxenia International – our sister organisation – a Greek registered Not for Profit Organisation that Theo is a founding member of in collaboration with some awesome individuals he worked alongside in Idomeni. With the support of amazing humanitarian lawyers Filoxenia has developed into a beautiful project focussing on Safety, Health, Information, Learning but primarily and most importantly Dignity

There is clearly a huge need for an alternative to the military/government camps in Greece, as a Not for Profit Filoxenia can move quickly to respond to the need of the community, the team and the lawyers have been working tirelessly to create an alternative solution, weeks of energy and effort have lead them to the brink of a wonderful new project.

They are committed to getting people out of these hell hole camps.

Here is a video of some of the members of the team talking about Filoxenia’s aim (Theo was in the UK when this was filmed, we aren’t taking it personally….! :))



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