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Family Fundraising….

People in my community keep asking me how are we doing this? How are we keeping afloat financially? Well in truth we aren’t really, we have been using what limited savings we had, housing students here in Totnes and burning our tired credit card!

We are unable to and don’t want to take any of the money donated into the charitable fund for Luck of Birth’s work, so we have essentially been relying on the kindness of people who have handed me money saying please use this for your own needs – its truly amazing to me how many people do this, how many people see that we also need looking after. I am the first to want to think of others but I forget myself and I am very thankful for those who choose to support us and our work in this way.

As our charity has grown we realised that we would need to find a way of supporting our existence as a family, both Theo and I are full time employed with the work Luck of Birth has brought us. There is no space for other “work for money” we have started a You Caring crowdfunding page – here is the link Family Fundraising – and we have been lucky enough to receive donations and support through here.

Ultimately we are going to have to make some big decisions about how we can support our essential living costs and continue the work Luck of Birth does. We really don’t want to stop – not yet there is so much more to do…..

Any donations or fundraising initiatives for our personal expenses would be very welcome, the money we have received has really helped keep the wolf from the door and helped to keep me sane….. Thank you 🙂

If you would like to donate direct to our family please click HERE

Thank you <3

Sam, Theo, Esme and Moss x

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