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Can you spare me a quid?

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Thank you so much for all the sharing and all the love for our new very exciting project!!! This newsletter has reached nearly 5000 people!!!!! Which is absolutely incredible!!!!! The internet is such a force! I am so happy you guys are so happy – the project really is totally amazing – joy!

But now we really need your help….  Its about money of course….. Can you spare me a quid?

We need to buy mattresses for these apartments – we need 60 they are £29.63 each…. £1777.80 in total… If everyone who read the newsletter could spare us £1 today we could have all the mattresses and all the bedlinen and be a long way towards the all the fridges and cookers – what do you say? Can you spare us £1 today? Or £3 or £5?

It goes without saying that this money will go direct to the project – you will be giving direct to creating homes. We want to see 5 apartments ready to move into by next Friday. I am sure you would like to see that too, photos of homes ready for a family.

No more camp life.

Donate here 

Thank you <3

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