Newsletter 02/06/2016 – End of Idomeni

Our latest newsletter – its a long one – Sorry! The end of Idomeni and our current work moving forward in Greece….. Thanks for reading Subscribe to Updates The End of Idomeni…. Since beginning to write this newsletter the camp at Idomeni has been evacuated… We have watched from a distance (we were denied any access)

02 Jun 2016

Theo leaves for Idomeni…. 04/05/2016

Theo set off for Greece the first time in a freshly renovated mobile 4×4 workshop unit and got to Bristol about two hours from where we live before the newly reconditioned gearbox broke… He limped the van and trailer home and began trying to fix the problem, there was a bearing issue, it went back

04 May 2016

Newsletter 25/04/2016

Hi There Everyone 🙂 Here is our first email newsletter – apologies for it taking so long to get together we are so busy here running this new big venture just Theo and I. Things are starting to change now… I have found some help with the children and this has helped me get to

25 Apr 2016

Refugees stranded in Greece: Stories of lives on hold

See video by the International Rescue Committee

20 Apr 2016

This 13-Year-Old Girl Stranded in a Refugee Camp Is Praying to Get Out


19 Apr 2016

Alexander Betts: Our refugee system is failing. Here’s how we can fix it

Watch the TED talk here  

18 Apr 2016

Greek Mainland Camps Report

This report has been compiled by a mixed team of independent volunteers, members from informal groups focussed on refugee assistance and from smaller registered NGO’s.

18 Apr 2016

Statement to Press – Idomeni 15th April 2016

In response to the current situation in the Idomeni camp – the police are arresting volunteers and preventing work being done – we have decided to publish a press release, detailing our intentions only to help the refugee community on a humanitarian level and not to involve ourselves or our group in any political or

15 Apr 2016

Thank You

10 Apr 2016

Shelter for families…. 14/03/2016

The weather in Idomeni began to improve slightly (the rain wasn’t constant) Theo was collaborating more with MSF and UNHCR more tents arrived, families began to be moved out of the small pop up tents and into better family spaces.  Theo had taken 5 donated tents from Calais to Idomeni, the shelter team put them

14 Mar 2016
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