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Thank you so much for all the sharing and all the love for our new very exciting project!!! This newsletter has reached nearly 5000 people!!!!! Which is absolutely incredible!!!!! The internet is such a force! I am so happy you guys are so happy – the project really is totally amazing – joy! But now

10 Sep 2016

Newsletter 06/09/2016 – We’ve Done IT!!!! – Housing Project

WE HAVE DONE IT!!! Finally after months of work, preparation, negotiation, form filling and banging our heads against the Greek bureaucratic system we have done it! In conjunction with Filoxenia (our sister Greek organisation) we have 10 brand new sparkly gorgeous apartments with social spaces signed and sealed for this first independent housing project here

07 Sep 2016

Newsletter August 2016 – Camp Life

Camp Life Thessaloniki Greece August 2016 This is a picture of one of the most in hospitable camps in the Thessaloniki area, the camp is home to around 1500 people, a lot of families. The sun is so hot now and the ground is covered with white railroad chipping, the glare makes it hard to

27 Aug 2016

Camp life

I recently met an inspiring man who is working extremely hard in a camp close to where we are living, he is very friendly and open hearted, I didn’t really understand the work he was doing until we began to talk about it. He spends his whole life in the camp every day morning until

17 Aug 2016

Filoxenia International

Filoxenia International – our sister organisation – a Greek registered Not for Profit Organisation that Theo is a founding member of in collaboration with some awesome individuals he worked alongside in Idomeni. With the support of amazing humanitarian lawyers Filoxenia has developed into a beautiful project focussing on Safety, Health, Information, Learning but primarily and

09 Aug 2016

Report from Cherso Camp

Here is a report from Are You Serious about the camp at Cherso, a glimpse into the lives of the people living in the camp. The stories are heartbreaking, this situation cannot continue, all people have the right to safety, this is what they are running from…. “We did not have guns and could not

01 Jul 2016

The Military/Government Camps…..

I recently had an email from someone who wondered why we were still working in Greece as the refugees had now all been moved to the better military camps. This woke me up to the realisation that our media and the media elsewhere have “solved” the “migrant” crisis in Europe with the better camps, everyone

29 Jun 2016

Family Fundraising….

People in my community keep asking me how are we doing this? How are we keeping afloat financially? Well in truth we aren’t really, we have been using what limited savings we had, housing students here in Totnes and burning our tired credit card! We are unable to and don’t want to take any of

29 Jun 2016

What happened to the tents?

Well the tents, the epic story of these precious tents, we fought so hard to raise the money for these tents and to get these tents from Dubai to the UK and eventually to Idomeni, 30 tents £12,000 worth of MSF standard humanitarian tents. I personally worked until 1am for weeks to secure these tents

08 Jun 2016

School/Cultural Building Projects Greece May 2016

We have been involved in building two school/cultural buildings in the military/government run camps on this trip to Greece, our tools have been very useful! As you can see from the photo’s they have a wooden construction with tarpaulin cover, with windows and doors. The first school (pictured below) was in a smaller camp which

02 Jun 2016
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