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Report from Cherso Camp

Here is a report from Are You Serious about the camp at Cherso, a glimpse into the lives of the people living in the camp. The stories are heartbreaking, this situation cannot continue, all people have the right to safety, this is what they are running from….

“We did not have guns and could not protect our selves. They came to Sinjar and started killing men. We believe that all those who left behind are dead. All the girls who stayed, even those 10 years old, are taken by Da’esh….”
Information is coming out about the conditions of some of these military/government camps people are living in, we are currently working to build a report about the shocking situation in Softex camp where violence is endemic, these people, as do all of us, deserve safety and peace. The children in the camps are extremely vulnerable – imagine your worst fears – this is beyond comprehension, something must be done.

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