Luck of Birth is a restricted fund under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund registered UK charity number 1099682 aiming to offer hope and dignity back to the refugee community stranded in Greece. Providing the most vulnerable individuals and families with homes alongside information and opportunities to change their lives, regaining a hope for their future and their children’s future.

Having witnessed the horror of Idomeni, we now witness the equal horror of the military/government camps. Camps are not the answer.

Right now we are in Greece working hard on two projects.

The first is a supported housing project based in the apartment block shown in the photos below, we have been working to make this a reality for a long time and have come together with a group of volunteers and formed Filoxenia International – a Greek not-for-profit.  Through the organisation we have rented 10 apartments and social spaces below them.


The second project is alongside the Greek solidarity network that is strong in Thessaloniki, we are helping to support this network in their essential work providing homes and providing host families for people in the refugee community. They also run integration services including social and learning facilities.

With this network and the Filoxenia team we share an absolute determination to offer an alternative to camp life.

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